Baltika Non Alcoholic Lager Review

Baltika beer i bought and drank for this review

Baltika non alcoholic lager

Brewery – Baltika

Country – Russia

Style – Lager

ABV – 0.5%

KCal – 35 (100ml)

Sugar content – 3g (100ml)

Carbohydrate content – 6g (100ml)

This tastes like a hoppy lager. Its got pictures of hops on it should be a give away. Not an IPA but a fuller flavour larger than some of the pints id have had as a kid. Nice fizz but not gasy. Nice crisp. No weird taste at the start or the end. Youd struggle to tell this is 0.5%. Tastes like a holiday beer you love to drink at the pool. Or Kremlin. A slight hollowly water taste at the end maybe if im pricking fault.

Verdict – 7.5/10

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Baltika notes

Did you know Baltika is part of the Carlsberg group? Thats probably the best stat in the world. Its the most popular non alcoholic beer in Russia

The Baltika №0 is alcohol-free beer made using the dialysis technology of a careful removal of alcohol from finished beer rather than the technology of suspended fermentation. It is this method that allows making alcohol-free beer with the same taste as alcohol-containing beer. The classical recipe and high-quality raw materials are used. The Baltika #0 has the traditional flavor and aroma of light beer with sweetish tinges.

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Review Overview

Tastes like a holiday beer you love to drink at the pool.


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