Infinite Session IPA 0.5% Review

Infinite session IPA beer i bought and drank for this review

Infinite as brewery and the Session IPA in particular are right at the fore of the alcohol free movement. Sometimes the big names can be found wanting, will this one?

Infinite Session IPA review

Brewery – Infinite

Country – UK

Style – IPA

ABV – 0.5%

KCal – 10 (100ml)

Sugar content – 0.4 (100ml)

Carbohydrate content – 1.6 (100ml)

Tasting – Ok, i bought this in a big supermarket so sometimes that means not great, right? Wrong.

This is good, very good. It has a nice amber colour and immediate hop hit on the palate. Maybe even over hopped or tiny bit bitter? I think its got the right amount.

It’s a very low sugar effort so needs the hops for mouthfeel and its managed that low sugar low alcohol conundrum brilliantly. It’s done very well indeed. Im trying to pick holes now, maybe could be a touch more fizzy? Splitting hairs I think. It’s an IPA not a lager. Vegan too, naturally.

Verdict – 9/10. What a great effort. I always mark up a great tasting low sugar effort but to be honest this could get 9/10 on taste alone.

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Infinite Notes

How is it made?

We brew our beer to strength (a maximum of 0.5%). This means that although our process is very similar to regular strength beers, we make tweaks and changes along the way to get us much body and flavour into the beer, without the booze.

So, unlike many alcohol-free beers, we don’t remove anything in our process. No cooking off alcohol or complicated removal techniques.

So are your beers sweet?

No! When we first designed our recipes, our main objective was to create something that was as close to a full strength beer experience as possible. 

One thing that we always found off-putting was the malty smell and overly sweet taste that many of the alcohol-free beers had. Therefore, our beers are always low in sugar and are designed to have a crisp, fresh finish.

Review Overview

This is good, very good. It has a nice amber colour and immediate hop hit on the palate.


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